IOT – Arsenal Soccer Schools have been developed on the principles taught at the Arsenal training ground which have led to the creation of a world – class team that produces imaginative, entertaining and skillful football.
The programme is open for all students interested in learning football, irrespective of footballing ability. The coaches introduce and familiarize the students with the Arsenal Soccer Schools’ training methodology and techniques.
  • IOT – Arsenal Soccer Schools has developed a comprehensive football curriculum that is executed in partnership with schools
  • The programme provides year - round training and conditioning to all children between the age of 5 - 17 years who are interested in playing football
  • The programme is executed by full time Arsenal Soccer Schools approved coaches using Arsenal FC’s technical expertise and training methodology
  • The programme is led by our teams of foreign and local coaches with our regional heads monitoring the training sessions
IOT – Arsenal Soccer Schools are among the leading football schools in the country, training over a thousand students.

Learn to Play the Arsenal Way

Attitude: To progress to your full potential as a football player it is vital to have the correct attitude both on and off the football pitch. You need to be as positive and dedicated as possible to fully master your skills and you need to be cool and composed when under pressure to keep control of the moment you’re in.
Respect: Always respect your team mates, your opponent, your coach and the referee. In order to get the best out of your team it’s important to appreciate the efforts of those around you. If you fail to respect the opponent you underestimate their potential, which can make your own standards fall below your usual level. Football should be played in the spirit of fair play, encouragement and fun. Take advice from your coach to help your game improve and remember self-respect is key for your own development as a player and a person.
Skills: At Arsenal we believe that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity, flair, excitement and entertainment. Skills can help make football fun, help you improve as a player and help you beat your opponent. Be inventive with the turns and tricks you use to move the ball, use both feet and don’t forget to work on the basic skills such as control and passing.
Energy: You need to have lots of energy to get the most out of playing football. The longer you can maintain a high level of fitness for, the more this will benefit you in games. If you’re not as fit as you can be, it becomes difficult to play to your maximum level. Drink plenty of water, avoid junk food and be as active as you can in your day to day lives.
New Thinking: Embrace your coach’s ideas and always think about different ways you can improve tactically and technically. Be creative with your thoughts and express them on the field whenever you can.
All for One: As much as you can work on your own development, football is a team game. The more you work with your team mates the better you will become as a player and a team. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, football is a game that can be played by everyone. Enjoy the feeling of belonging to a team and do all you can to help your team mates.
Learning: Learn how to play the Arsenal way. Football based around passing and movement, technique and skill. Incorporating the principles of fair play, teamwork, expression and fun!


The Programme is executed on – ground by Arsenal Soccer Schools approved coaches, UEFA or country – equivalent foreign licensed coaches. The Arsenal Soccer Schools’ global training programmes are adapted to suit the Indian environment and then implemented through our National Technical Director and his team of Head Coaches across all our centres in the country.
Each centre is assigned a Venue Manager to assist students and parents with their day – to – day queries. Also, medical staff is available at each centre to attend to any incidents that may occur.


We aim to provide world - class training and equipment. We ensure that every field we train on is maintained consistently. The training sessions are conducted at our centres after school hours throughout the week in pre – determined fixed time slots.


All the technical products like the training modules, coaching plans, evaluation of programmes are provided by Arsenal Soccer Schools . Our technical team trains students for their holistic development as individuals and team players.
  • Students take part in periodic tournaments to test their skills against competition
  • Students are given opportunities to represent the official Arsenal Soccer Schools India team(s) and participate in scouting programmes and professional trials
  • The programme allows children to participate in exchange programmes and experience world – football through international exposure trips
  • Our student development tracking and feedback system allows children and parents to have a comprehensive understanding of their growth, strengths and weaknesses
  • Exceptionally talented students have professional opportunities including club trials and youth academy recruitments both in India and abroad


Once a student starts performing well consistently in his/her respective centre, they are invited to move to the second tier of football development. Our Development Centre is host to a more intensive training format, providing state – of –the – art facilities and scholarship opportunities.
We conduct special camps with advanced training modules in cities that do not have an IOT – Arsenal Soccer Schools’ centre. Also, IOT-Arsenal Soccer Schools takes students to different parts of the world to participate in various youth tournaments and advanced training modules.


With the aim to spread the joy of the beautiful game while delivering best – in - class football training, IOT - Arsenal Soccer Schools are being established across India, providing a great opportunity for students to train and grow as people and as footballers.
The programme is currently being successfully run in over 20 centres in 9 cities and will be extended to other metros, tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India, gradually expanding and increasing student participation. It is envisioned that in the near future, the programme will reach over 15,000 children.


Participating in sport aids in character building and hones a child’s decision making skills. Teamwork is a pre – requisite to playing any sport and game situations build both co - operation and leadership. A successful leader is a good listener, organized and confident. Sport develops all these characteristics to help create the leaders of tomorrow.


Our students ‘Learn to play the Arsenal way’, a global, exciting and comprehensive tactical and technical brand of football. The opportunity to train with the best coaches available in the country enables children to maximize their footballing ability.


Involvement in sport develops the physical attributes of students leading to a healthier and active lifestyle. Sport also develops the character of an individual working on their leadership, team building, decision making and communication skills.


Association with IOT – Arsenal Soccer Schools gives students access to one of the most successful clubs globally. It provides all the young budding footballers associated with us, an opportunity to participate in various football exchange programmes. Students also get to participate in exposure trips to top international youth tournaments across the globe where they observe, interact and learn from other cultures and footballing styles.